Galician Confederation of Persons With Disabilities

Our purpose is to achieve the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of society.

Our mission is the defense and promotion of the rights of people with disabilities, the social transformation, the strengthening of associations, the generation of employment opportunities and the provision of services that meet the needs and expectations of people with disabilities throughout Galicia.


ARCIL is a not-for-profit organization from the central region of Portugal (district of Coimbra), working in the field of disability and inclusion for over 45 years. With its large structure, ARCIL supports approximately 1200 individuals with different types of disability yearly, throughout different stages of their lives: from childhood to adulthood. In its team, ARCIL has around 250 staff members, in which over 50 have some type of disability or impairment.

ARCIL has various rehabilitation and inclusion services, namely early intervention support to children and families, an inclusive education program, vocational and professional training for people with disability, occupational centres for adults with moderate to profound disability, protected employment social businesses, open labour market inclusion services, residential support for individuals and families with disability and home support to implement independent living in the community. As an organization, ARCIL has been pioneering in the delivery of innovative services and training in its field, as well as cooperating with universities in diverse projects, research activities, internships, professional training, and development in the fields of Education/Pedagogy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Social Service, Inclusive Employment and Vocational Training. ARCIL has a Quality Management System and is quality certified according to the normative requirements of EQUASS Assurance and HACCP. It is an organization actively investing in Social Impact assessment practices.


Ioanna Tsokopoulou, mother of a child with Down Syndrome, has set a goal of her life to find a way to help her child and other children with intellectual disabilities to have the chance to get an education, acquire working skills and be integrated into society. On November 2, 1979, took place the opening of Margarita Special Education Center to the region of North Attica at Nea Penteli .

The programs in “Margarita” are designed according to the anthropocentric model, where professionals, family, and the young person himself/herself cooperate for the modification of a personalized plan according to his/her needs. The following services are offered:

Education-Special vocational training-Support in employment-Training in supported living-Associated Programs

University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb is the leading educational institution in Croatia with 31 faculties, 3 art academies and various university centres and departments. As a comprehensive public Central European university, UNIZG offers educational programmes in all scientific fields and a wide range of courses at all levels of study, from undergraduate to postgraduate studies for more than 62.000 students.

The Easy Gardening Project is carried out at the Faculty of Agriculture (FAZ), one of the constituent units of UNIZG. The FAZ, founded in 1919, is the oldest and leading higher education institution in the field of agriculture in Croatia and occupies an important position in the country’s education, science and research system. The main strategic goals of FAZ are the development of scientific excellence, innovation in research and cooperation with the business sector, the contribution to the sustainable development of the Croatian economy and society as a whole and the improvement of international cooperation in teaching and scientific research.

Organization Earth
Organization Earth, an award-winning Greek NGO, founded in 2010. It’s mission is to deliver community-driven change towards a fair and resilient society, as anchored in the UN SGDs. Our work focuses on promoting nature -based solutions for climate-neutral and inclusive cities, including pocket parks, urban forests, community gardens, green roofs, and implementing development programs for vulnerable social groups.


ed-consult consists of an international team of partners with professional backgrounds in languages, education, social sciences, political science, art, anthropology, and agriculture. We deliver courses and workshop across Denmark and worldwide.